Where do I lookup OUIs and other MAC address prefixes? #

Where do I find Information about Ethertypes? #

You find also an overview in /etc/ethertypes on Linux:

How do I exclude AVM FRITZ!Box Mesh management traffic? #

This can be achieved by configuring the Ethertype deny filter as follows:

filter-ethertype-deny = 
  0x88e1    # AVM "Powerline"
  0x8912    # AVM unregistered

What exactly are the trial restrictions? #

An unlicenced copy of an EtherTunnel endpoint needs to be restarted after 4 hours of operation. The functionality itself is not restricted in any way.

Can EtherTunnel transport Jumbo frames with a MTU of 9000 and higher? #

No, EtherTunnel and its fragmentation/reassembly is targeted to the common Ethernet MTUs of 1500, 1504 (802.1q) and 1508 (802.1ad aka QinQ). The upcoming eBPF/XDP access method supports a maximum MTU of 3818 - however, our recommendation is to leave 1500 as it is. That’s what EtherTunnel is made for.